Next Game(Away) Vs Bayswater 31/5/14.

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As is readily apparent (but not until now advertised) the Club is seeking someone to take over the running of their web site. If there is anybody out there that is familiar with the JOOMLA content management system and would like to help out...
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Located in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the Croydon Football Club oval is located at Croydon Park in the centre of town with the clubrooms overlooking the ground with a panoramic view of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in the back ground.

Established in 1906 Croydon Football Club has provided the community a fun and friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy the greatest sport on earth for going on a century. Originally Croydon Football Club was made up from blue collared workers who lived and worked in the area, and while now the spectators, members and players come from varied walks of life the club spirit is still the same, built on hard work and committment.

 Weight training in the Club's fully equipped gymnasium